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When Carney discovers he is in the same class as Milana-Macayle, he must overcome his awkwardness, win the girl, convince her to be his, while not standing in the way of her dreams. An impossible feat. Is the girl who can barely give him the time of day even worth… Read More
Three ordinary teenagers develop extraordinary abilities and embark on a journey of self discovery. Read More
"Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman." ~ Marian Anderson Haphephobia: A fear of touching or being touched. Katherine Price has suffered from haphephobia since the tender age of 3. Although she is surrounded by love thanks to her foster parents, it doesn't ease… Read More
17 year old Emma Wilson returns to New Jersey after spending five years in Florida. About to head into her senior year she faces struggles with family and making friends but possibly finding an unexpected friend in Graham Fitzgerald. Graham Fitzgerald, a wealthy 18 year old party boy about to… Read More

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September 24, 2017

desiree johnson is the world's most popular up and coming teen actress. but her life isn't all what it looks like. nathaniel james is a lower class teen who has a grudge against celebrity and what you see of his life is all that he has. but when a… Read More
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