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A summer romance and a family Member’s dark secret will change Chelsea’s life forever. Sixteen year old Chelsea Philips wants to get over her ex-boyfriend Adam smith. She thinks this task is hopeless until she meets Peter Jacobs, the resident good boy. Even so, her heart is being tugged into… Read More
The struggles a teen goes through to get a girl to notice him who is in a different "Clan". Read More
Hi,my name is Faith. My parents have always thought that if they gave me that name good things will happen to me. But thats just a lie,my mom has died a while after she gave birth to me. As my dad,he died when i was 1.so then my grandmother has… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Remember the episode "Keep on Loving You?" The part where Fiona says Declan can't say I love you because the girl cheated on him? This story revolves around Holly J & Declan. Story: Declan and Holly J are happy in Manhattan. Little do they know that Declan's ex (Delilah) works… Read More

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