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Edward Lance has always been different, but when he witnesses something he shouldn't have, he learn the truth, but so do they... Being on the run has always been what he did best, but can he run from Leviathan; a secret organization who set out to harness his power... Telekinesis...… Read More
I told myself the dreams weren't real. It's what I wanted to believe. But the dreams and nightmares were real. They soon evolved into visions of sacrificial murders, and I had to face the fact that it was the beginning of a powerful ability. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one… Read More
19 year old Kitty Carson's life was stacked up perfectly, she went to law school, had a nice home, and high ambitions. But one day that all changed one day. The day she discovered that she was an animal telepath. Suddenly her life had new potential. She could be a… Read More
The Neours a race with gifts against humanity live in solidarity from the outside world in hiding from they're enemy The Baskins. Willow Talon lives among the many who are trained to fight in combat and to use they're telepathic gifts to the best, but as she grows older she… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Essalia is not your normal teenager. She lives a lie, a double life. Secretly, she can tap into your mind and discover your every secret. Everything you know about yourself, everything you ever thought, everything you are thinking, she can find out. She had no clue that there were others… Read More
Samaiyrah has a twin sister, Mariah, whom she has never met her whole life. Both of them had been separated at birth, never to be seen again. Even her parents would not believe her that her sister was alive and could 'contact' her from her mind. There was a reason… Read More

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August 31, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a quick note; This is in no way based on me, even though I'm a teen mum I don't plan on leaving my daughter an orphan =] Also the use of brackets is a new technique I'm trying. Any Stephen King readers will be familiar with it. Thanks, feel… Read More
this is a prophecy that I had started to create for one of my characters. Read More
Thomas, a boy from earth is left in a barren land with no recolection of how he got there. As he explains his story to his school conselor and his teacher who thinks he's crazy will he be able to defeat Hunter the evil tyrant of this majical world or… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

so I just started this story after Watching a supernatural episode about telepathic psychic /telekinesthic (esp) and thought this could be interesting to write about so its about these boys called zak and zaiden and they are 99 percent identical they both find out that they have telepathic abilities (which… Read More

Book / Romance

October 26, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Add: a gorgeous telepath, one beautiful seventeen year old girl, and the compelling, romantic dynamics between the two. Thow in two perspectives, a pack of wild, elite teens, a snarky bad boy, and an annoyingly attractive sibling. Blend. Cook until golden brown, and serve along the beach. Enjoy the rush.… Read More
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