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A 4 part short story: Malachi Stone is a Templar knight hunting down an order of Werewolf knights. *****WARNING***** contains strong bloody violence and gore***** Read More

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"Dried Wolf's Bane.... now there's classic strategic tactical military planning if ever I witnessed it! Outstanding, Celtic-Scribe63! Raw medie..." Read More

My parents were murdered in a Templar attack. I survived. I was from your time. Then the Apple transported me back to the Revolutionary war to find someone. I know everything about this time era through dreams. I met Connor Kenway and want to help him ignite the Revolution. I… Read More
This is an article of the secret order known as ORDO INIS DE LUPUS who's branches include the free masons and the knights Templars, they were an organization that existed in the 15th century and have survived to this day...They are believed to be a part of many historical events… Read More
The Templar order, an elite force of the Holy Roman Empire, is dedicated to wiping out the "heathen" menace. Rodin, a viking warrior and mage, is the leader of a raiding party determined to continue their work in spite of them. But, what can Rodin do against the Holy might… Read More
I betrayed the creed.I joined the Templars. What will Asher and Lance think of me? Read More
Rosa Pazzi - She is the youngest and only daughter in the Pazzi family. The pazzi's are long standing enemies of the Auditores and responsible for their downfall and Ezio Auditores banishment from Florence. However Rosa is the black sheep, a wanna be Assassin and head over heels in love… Read More

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Persephone St. Clair is a girl who never fit in. Stefan is a vampire who knows nothing but killing, when the two meet, what escapades will follow? Read More
This is the fictional story of a web based startup company. The idea: To commercially offer prayer services to people who participate in lotteries. At first, it was meant as a joke only, things get interesting as the founders discover that praying does work, as the statistics clearly show... Read More

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