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(book 2 for the strange true love) With Kuro disappearing, Shiroi went into a deep depression. He rarely eats, he rarely moves. But now Satan has a special plan for him. What's the plan? Will Kuro ever come back? Read More
Tenshi saw his little sister Kimo being raped by their father and he got mad. He lost controll of himself and accidentally killed everyone. All except Kimo who was barly alive after the attack.He tries 2 use another of his kind to save her but it comes with a price.… Read More
(btw, this was my second story ever that I wrote 6 months ago) My name is Kuro Tenshi (meaning black angel). I am gay and I've had boyfriends but I haven't really had a true love yet. Will this new guy I meet be the one? I don't know! But… Read More

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Daraku Tenshi's life was normal, until everything came crashing down around the poor, little 4-year-old. Her mother was invaded and killed by the Demon of Four- a demon that lived by entering a human as a parasite, living until the host is eaten away by it's darkness and then left… Read More

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