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I have learnt so much from you. Sir, sometimes i learn from you without your realising it. you are gifted more than you ever know Sir Sp Moses Terfa Yisa Read More
Never before has one man done so well in holding a Family and the entire Universe like Sir Sp Terfa Moses Yisa is doing. The degree of meekness and kindness couched with openess and naturalness looms too large to delay acknowledgement. May God continue to guide and protect you,… Read More
Much Ado About For Whom I Write Read More

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This a scholarly Review on my work by Ierve Godwin Read More
This is a well-worded Foreword written on my book by one of the Finest, best, and highly recognised and cherished Voices in Nigerian Academic Community - Professor David Ker OON,Two Times Vice Chancellor, Benue State University, Makurdi, and Veritas University, Abuja Read More
These Documents contains some of my Handouts in Fidei Polytechnic Gboko Abuja Campus where i Lecture Technical English, Use of English, Communication in English, Research Methodology, Creative Writing, and other related Courses Read More
it all about Terf, Mesh Read More

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This is such a remarkable short story touching the inner caresses of the readers' soul Read More
This is a Superb and well-researched Paper on Kyuka's The World Conference in Heaven Read More
This a Research Paper capturing the Critical issues x-rayed in Terhemba Shija's The Siege, The Saga Read More
Abstract Linguistic studies have recognized certain procedures from which pluralisation in human languages are achieved. Applicable to the Tiv grammar are affixation, tonation, morpheme-transformation or replacives, morpheme deletion, vowel mutation, morpheme substitution, and others. Unlike English, Tiv nouns take the prefix morphemes ‘i’, ‘a’, ‘u’, ‘m’, ‘mba’ copular as well… Read More
This study is carried out to examine how Meshach Terfa Zayol and Chinua Achebe use their Short Stories - The Local Champion.... and Girls at War to expose the ills in the society. in carrying out the study, the researcher adopted the Theory of Social Realism which seeks to expose… Read More
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