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The narrator finds himself confronted with assorted characters from his past. Is there an explanation? Read More
Another Essay i did in year 12- 2012 on the beatles and their influence on british life in the 1960's. Once again, would LOVE LOVE LOVE! some feedback x Thoughtful Nights ~ x Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

February 18, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Forget T. S. Eliot, Dave's a good name for a cat, don't you think? Read More
John was drunk when he kissed Paul, and Paul knew it. That didn't stop him from enjoying it though. [Beatles/McLennon] Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In 1981, Terry and I were juniors in High School - sharing this big dream of rock sisterhood. By 1982, I got a big ego, and Terry got a life. My dreams never manifested, and hers - they changed as some dreams do. But now, because she forgave me repeatedly… Read More
Because I'm a music nerd, I thought of 20 albums that had such a profound effect on me they changed my life. I dug into my soul to find the music that brought me to life when I heard it. Royally affected me, kicked me in the arse, literally socked… Read More
I don't like summaries, I don't want to spoil anything. But this is basically about a 60's British Invasion band. But it's not as simplistic as it sounds. It's written in the point of views of each of the band members and the troubles they go through. This is the… Read More
A song for all the rock n' roll lovers out there. I've tried write the lyrics like an 70s or 80s figures would write. I'll upload the audio format if I get positive responses. Read More
Just a simple article on rock music to let all you non-rock lovers to let you know what you are missing Read More
A look into the life of 15-year-old artist Jude's life, in which he is an outcast to others except his one friend, Maxwell. His parents raised him on art and psychedelic music, and due to his mother's job, they have to move from Los Angeles, CA to Seattle, WA. It… Read More
***FARTHER CHAPTERS WILL BE A WHILE- HAVING TROUBLES PUBLISHING!!! :( * Trinity Malcolm has been bestfriends with Billy Mason ever since they can remember. But Billy's Parents are in the military and get posted to Tunisia in Africa. But more Suprises come their way when Billy comes home for a… Read More
Just some fun with some well-known lyrics by The Beatles and the completion of some lines. Read More

Poem / Other

March 23, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about Rock and Roll. Some songs are used in this poem. The following songs are used: Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth Shockwave - Black Tide Enter Sandman - Metallica Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin Cowboys From Hell - Pantera Eclipse… Read More
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