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The Booksie Classic House

A trip into my mind. Read More
These are all quotes that I came up with through my time high on drugs, going insane, recovering or reflecting on my past. Read More
We all, as writers, get that urge to just take a small thought that planted itself in our minds, and water it until it grows and branches. The urge to just write until all that is inside of you is reflected back towards you, and you have a small piece… Read More

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July 22, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Epiphany. Read More
A story of interpersonal conflict under the pressure of debt, a dying land, and expectation; to be related to the individual. Read More
It whispered darkly in her head, the mind, forgetting things she should remember and remembering things she should forget. Doctor Carter, the head doctor at the factory her unknown husband Randalph and Garth stole her from, haunts her dreams and drifts always in the corner of the mind. Unless she… Read More
I tried to make this less gory than the less insight one. *Tip: Try listening to the song, and remembering the story to get the full picture of what I see. (That goes for "Trapt - Headstrong" too!) :D Read More
The Analytical Mind is the ‘Architect’ or the planner of the organism’s life…In comparison, the Reactive Mind is the ‘Construction Engineer’. Your real difficulty arises when the Mind and the Being are identified as one entity. The mind has been around for centuries – since the dawn of humankind in… Read More
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