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The life and career of one of Sweden's finest opera-exports to the world: Gun Kronzell. Read More
He was a renaissance man of the highest calibre. One whose years on and off stage here on this Earth was passionate, compassionate, turbulent, chaotic, intellectual, interesting, but first and foremost operatic and loving. He was brave and fearless, just like characters in the operas he loved to listen to.… Read More
Actors and singers are academics who have spent years and years trying to perfect their craft. Imagine the wrath of singers when they see cashiers without any college education getting on TV and becoming pop-stars in shows like American Idol. And still, it is the most wonderful profession on Earth… Read More
A new story I'm working on. I wanted to bring a whole bunch of individuals together in one setting that had some sort of permanence. Enjoy and give feedback! Read More
As a Perfectly Foolish Young Man I Wanted (known as of 2014, and including minor edits as A Perfectly Foolish Young Man I Wanted) Part Two - Book One - Darling Fan and a Further Octet of Essays - Pinteresque (A Controversial Artistic Legacy). Edited 6/11/14. Read More
Ryan joins the Hansbay High News program and doesn’t exactly make friends, Ethan regrets installing a home theatre and Kimberly takes Jacob to see relatives in Boston, but Jacob is pressured to break his drug-free streak Read More
McKenzie Filmore is a new student in her junior year. Painfully shy, she gives into her need to break out of her shell and joins a theater class. The Unconventional Convention of Ken and Barbie follows McKenzie as she loves, loses and laughs her way through high school. (*Theater terminology… Read More
Carmel is a theatre student at University, and is dreading coming home for the summer. Little does she know that in places where there's not much going on, people have to find fun from nowhere. This is a tale of all the crazy things that can happen to one young… Read More
"Do you love her?" The question should have been easy, but it caught me off guard. "I do." I said slowly, but I didn't look at her when I said it. "I used to." I finally added. "Do you think she loves you?" She asked honestly, a little sympathy lining… Read More
Kimberly lets Ryan get an apartment and live semi-independently to teach him a lesson about adulthood, Jacob must hide his theatre class girlfriend from his friends, Ryan tries to apply for welfare during his independence, Sarah tries to avoid Logan, who is harassing her at the aquatic center and Ryan’s… Read More
Quinn had tried to run away from his past and buried himself in four years of school. Now he is back home and seeing if he can fall back into things as if they were the same. But everyone, including himself, have changed. Can he rely on his eccentric mentor… Read More
As an attempt to expand my Booksie portfolio, here is a short play with enough one liners to guarantee indigestion! Read More
This is something that came to me when I thought about words silently spoken. I'm just kinda lost in my own head. Read More
Honeysuckle sap glues me to my sticking place Read More
a stab at writing a monologue...? so if you say it with an accent its funnier. male or female. obviously and older person....... for the accent: 'i' is pronounced like e. and on 'psychologist' say it like psycho and then add logeest. oh and pointless hand movements too. so yup Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Artemisia Larone, more commonly known as Art, has lived her entire life in the world of motion pictures. Studios and movie sets were more familiar to her than theme parks and mall and the idea of going to an actual school is somewhat of a foreign concept. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 04, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Act 1 Scene 1 *curtains open* Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This short story is about a little girl that sees the ghost of her father that died before she was born. Read More
When Kaylee Reynolds's boyfriend breaks up with her she does everything she can to make him regret it. But when she inadvertently charms her best friend she doesn't know what to do. How can Kaylee get past the High School Drama. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 27, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

A short limerick about the people we don't always get along with as well as we should! Read More
I am an Artist - it speaks for itself. Read More
The stark reality of San Francisco's Tenderloin and most notorious streets, O'Farrell Street. Read More
It reads like fiction, but it's the true tale of how Theatre and the Arts saved my life. An Excerpt from a Theatrical autobiography. Read More
My views on films/movies since the silent age up to date. Read More
Episode 1-4 of That's Why They Call It Drama Club, Pilot, The Audition, Hot Woman, and Shue Awakening. Some songs and musicals include Spring Awakening, A Little Fall of Rain, Les Miserables, Collide, and more. Read More Read More
This was a research poem that I wrote for my senior year of high school. Read More
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