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the truth of life lies in the seeking of the truth. when all is at an end, we find ourselves questining our own worth, our humanity, our sanity, our morals. this is a tale of one who sifts through these questions in the last hours of human life. in the… Read More
College kids go for a vacation at a cabin in the woods of this quaint little town. The partying begins before they even reach the cabin. They lose one of their friends. The town has a personality of it's own and can have a temper if people aren't living right.… Read More
Quince is a boy who spends most of his time napping or Reading. He loves dreams and fiction and the idea of traveling to the lands that only exist in dreams. When he is ridiculed for his theory of dreams being another world, he becomes determined to prove that dreams… Read More
The very subject that may describe the essence of life, is the purpose we discover within ourselves, this poem follows over it. It may be oddly written, but it was written that way to develop a certain structure. Read More
Information theory is the theory that shows the true purpose of intelligent life on the planet, and what motivates all of us. Read More
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