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My review on infinity. Read More
Sheakwon Vaughn sits down with participants who out the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale to test. As a Psychology Major he hopes to find out more information about the things in our daily lives that cause stress. Read More
When one member of the human race (person A) is applying agape love toward another member of the human race (person B), person A’s application of agape love to person B does NOT imply that person A will do something sacrificially beneficial for person B. Read More
This article proves that there is only one dominant theory per scientific fie.d. Read More
If the goal of your Christian life is to become exactly like Christ in His humanity, you must actualize new-man clothing to life’s situations. Read More
Question: The question arises regarding reckoning the old-man dead to the sinful nature. Who reckons the old-man dead? Is it the old-man or the new-man that does so? Answer: The answer is neither. It appears as though it’s the NEUTRAL soul, specifically the soul’s neutral self-consciousness that makes the decision… Read More
Internalization does not require new-man function to internalize truth. Neither the “old-man” nor “new-man” are in view when internalizing the Word of God because neither are part of the decreed requirement for the internalizing process. It’s the neutral soul that processes the internalization of truth. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is just an essay that I had to write with two other people for english this week. The assignment was to pick five poems from one author and annotate them and write a style analysis. I hope everyone likes it and if you have any suggestions of how to… Read More
Juggernaut was waiting for his turn to face the professors as part of evaluation of thesis he submitted as part of his graduate studies. It was ironic, the examiner, a distinguished professor in the field was the teacher of Juggernaut’s professor in the past. As he waited, he felt light… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“I am taking a sabbatical during this summer if you are interested you can stay in our house,” Dr. Dayal sounded very kind, at least that was what Juggernaut thought. “Sure, thank you,” “while looking for a new place to live, I can stay at your house for the summer,… Read More
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