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A traveler changes the minds of two thieves so they did not commit a theft, which they contemplated. Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 13, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Tells the story of Maven Bradshaw of the rich and powerful Bradshaw family, as he grows up amidst corruption and thievery in the city of Scantsboro. Maven becomes wrapped into a battle between a group of thieves known as the Knives, and his own family. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Goblins stealing things is expected. Goblins foiling a theft? Unheard of until now. Read More
If Prince Abner's claim to the throne goes unchallenged, the kingdom of Helshu won't survive under his Tyrannical reign. With international relations turning hostile and kingdom morale near dead, their only hope is the return of their missing princess. Unfortunately, Rowza is no princess. She's a thief. Read More
Aeris thought this would be a simple fetch quest. find some decrepit old scholar to tell him where the artifacts equally decrepit holding place, always the same. but one, very important catch: last time Aeris saw the artifact... he was stealing it. Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 09, 2020

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The Historical Fantasy House

The Queen of Gald returns to a dark place to resurrect a lost god. But little does she know she's being hunted. The night and days are dark in the shadow of the Sharps Pass, but the hearts of man are darker still. With old wounds reopened, will the queen… Read More
A full cycle has passed since the Dark Tide swept across Welkincor, sending hordes of refugees fleeing to the lands south. Without a home, without a family, and without hope, Givigen survived in the slums of Nilcor's capital city through theft and stealth. Now, with a ragtag gang of… Read More
Pandareos: He's a thief, yes, but that doesn't make him a bad person. He's a loving brother, trying to care for his younger siblings; and it's not going to badly, until he winds up at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He witnesses the murder of a man… Read More
My story is about a group of young men searching for a fountain. I derived inspiration for my story from other writers such as George R R Martin and James S A Corey. This is only the first chapter of my story, and I would still like to revise… Read More
This is part 8 of a 9 part series of poems about a fantasy world in which I get stuck. The animals speak, and are generally unhelpful while I try to find a way to get home. They were all written when I was in my mid… Read More

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Set nearly thirty years after the timeline of my series Burden, The lost Treasure of Gezmek follows the life of Earl Dregguard and his hunt to find Vatan's most sought after treasure. Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 27, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

First chapter of Burden, an epic romantic fantasy novel. Currently in the final stages of editing. Synopsis: "Why Her?" Alden knew living in the Shadowen Thieves Guild would come with a price, but when their latest target became the Princess of Ammos, he knew he couldn’t pay. Taking the risk… Read More
Bill Portman is the Kid Thieves' library station. He watched them spend their first day distributing leaflets to students, and on the second he collects the first request of the year. Read More
Short story about two thieves stealing something quite important. Is this the best blurb ever? No, no not at all. Not even close, I mean frankly this blurb sucks. Read More
Stephen Frost and Marina Harvent are a pair of clueless and eccentric partner-in-crime lovers who dress up in costumes and commit strange robberies. One day the duo set out to fulllfill their dream, to to become the best thieves in the history of thieves. Read More
A group of divers looting a sunken ship will learn the errors of their ways. Read More
"You know something is wrong with this world, Papa, if bodies are passed by like roadkill." Read More

Poem / Humor

May 30, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a fictional poem. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

February 04, 2015

This is a Skyrim fanfiction. Song has always questioned her past. Always questioned where she was from. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father abandoned her mother before she was even born. Now seventeen years old and her eighteenth birthday just out of reach, Song is being… Read More
Its a story about some evil thieves killing people and robbing banks that got stopped by ((The One)) that kills them all and their leader and saves the country from them. Read More
It's a work in progress, based on a strange dream I had. It seemed really interesting, so I decided to share it, and maybe captivate your imagination for a little while Read More
A story of two people who collide in a whirlwind of mob drama, family ties and past baggage that neither can let go. Will Ivan give in to his love for Holly and accept her past? And will Holly put aside her fears and allow Ivan into her life? Read More
When an intruder steps into Doctor Holt's house, he finds himself caught in a deadly game of Russian roulette. Read More
This poem is based on the 1990 'Home Alone' movie. Read More
Luck Gamble. I know, it sounds like the worst name ever. But Luck has a gift, he is blessed with the greatest luck ever. So naturally, someone with amazing luck would spend his time at the casinos! What could go wrong? ** Story #5 of my March Madness Story-a-day-challenge. This… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

October 03, 2013

Old fairy tale. About honesty and how life isn't always fair. Does truth always guide you to justice? Question yourself. Can you live without hating the people who deceives you? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story about a misunderstood thief, who makes a dire mistake, and suffers gravely for it. He'll only be remembered by one person. (Partially un-edited) Read More
A tragedy has left Saylor broken and unstable. She lost the one person who meant everything to her in her troubled life. Him being gone, has turned Saylor cold...and aching for something, anything, to give her life meaning again. So when Aerial gives her an offer she can't refuse..She doesn't.… Read More
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