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This poem involves a bit of old english but not too bad, this is about a robin on a spring day, ENJOY! Read More
Why is her life so sad who is this strange man? were did her child hood freind, DAn go? those are all questions that this book will answer. remember its never to late for love Read More
The story is set in a traditional Indian Road with regular mud puddles. The hero is a pedestrian finding it difficult to cross a huge mud puddle. In his transit an Indian State Transport splashes mud water all over him.The hero irate but reacts to it very interestingly. Read More

Tags: thou, shall, mud, pass, puddle

This is a random song I came up with over a period of two weeks. I wanted the tune to be a little Emilie Autumn/Dresden Dolls/Rasputina-ish style but I'm not the best person to make that up. Words that I didn't deem appropriate to be rated G have been replaced… Read More
Before the end of time we will revert to a previous time to face the greatest evil Read More
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