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Seasons pass and the five clans, Rainclan, Rockclan, Sunclan, Shineclan, and Darkclan, are having problems when dogs seem to move into their territory. The clans find out that they are wolves, but only then are they having another problem. Twolegs are trying to cut down their territory, and the clans… Read More
Trinity is 16, and gets a cat necklace from her ex-boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that when she puts it on, she'll never be able to take it off again... Because she turns into a cat. Blaine out. Read More
Scourge comes back from the dead and wants to destroy the clan cats... Read More
scourge and killer(aka shystar) sing halloween Read More
When three ThunderClan kits, Nightkit, Greenkit, and Gemkit, are cast out over the lake to RiverClan in a storm, they are forced to become prisoners. When Leafstar, leader of RiverClan, decides he has plans for the kits, they are pushed to their limits to be the best, and forget their… Read More
Yes, before you read this: I am a proud supporter of JayxStick. I cried during the fourth apprentice, but I won't tell you why. If you're a dedicated warriors fan you will know why though XD -gets a tissue at the memory- This is before Sunrise, that for sure. Read More
Another fun writing; a fanfic based off of Warrior Cats. This is a lil hunting expedition in the middle of Leafbare with Sorrelpaw and Sandstorm. Read More

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A writing project, I wanted to know what I could do with a certain subject.. So I just chose Firestar dreaming of his past. It showed him as a sweet little kit and finished with him as the brave leader of Thunderclan. Oh how I love you Firestar :) Read More
This is a goofy story I did for my friends on Warriorcats forums. (I love you guys) and well.. I like how it turned out- so I'm going to post it here. You'll probably love the end :) Read More
Long ago in a forest, away from the prying eyes of humans, four clans of cats lived together in peace and war. ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan and RiverClan… For many moons after the clans moved from their forest to the lake beyond the mountains, they lived normally, until one disaster struck.… Read More
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