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Zoos in mind have always been rather controversial. Yes, they give animals a safe and secure place to live and a clean environment. They even help us by bring humans and animals closer to us. But the last time I went to a zoo, the animals didn't look happy. The… Read More

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A tiger cub was captured and sold to a circus, where she has been kept for years. She had given up hope of ever escaping. Then, something very unexpected happens... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A tiger cub is captured and sold to a circus. She wants to escape, but she learns the harsh realities of life in captivity. A metaphorical story about the stages of my life and my journey through mental illness. Read More
Warning: some people might find this distressing. Cover image: pixabay.com Read More

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A poem surrounding animal cruelty within circuses. Cover from Unsplash Read More
Tigers are quite the amazing animals. I know that since I've spent an entire lifetime with them. With two of the greatest Tigers, I've ever seen. Read More

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the honesty of cow is seen here , this is a kannada legend poem , translated by PRERAN.S.G. best story converted to song. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

March 06, 2018

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Princess Nayeli Faye of the Maya Isles must face her betrothal to King Aiden Estrella of Adarmar. But even at her young age, a secret hidden within her Royal Bloodline will soon tighten its grip around her heart. Read More
A Tiger falls into a cave and receives good counsel from someone in the know. Does he heed the warning? Read More
Singular when happened. Read More

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The bird could not pass freely through the bars of its cage; The viper however, could enter and exit as it pleased. (Picture credits go to CocoaFerret from DeviantArt) Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 17, 2015

When a cub is taken out of his home, he has to survive. I wrote this when I was 7, so just read it as a bit of fun. Read More
"I longed to read everything I possibly could, and the things I read in turn produced new yearnings." ?Patti Smith "The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ?Jordan Belfort The meaning of life… Read More
Zelma, white girl from America travels to Thailand to see her best friend's dad in the hospital, that is suffering from the swine flu. on a nightly hike through the woods, she hears a odd noise and finds a green eyed tiger staring at her. what she do? she takes… Read More
A cautionary tale about revenge and the perils of assumption as told by two masters of kung fu. Read More
When an ancient Ming vase is unearthed in a rural village in Bali, an old legend is rekindled. The legend tells of a fortune in gold and a deadly plague contained in sealed vases that have remained hidden in Bali since the time of Dutch occupation. The rumours attract a… Read More
In the dawn of history and today times changes with always what you have in your hand. Realizing the meaning of these words about our planet has been carved out as ever uncompleted short story. Read More

Poem / Horror

November 19, 2014

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This is a fictional poem. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

We were twins with a deadly difference. Who gave Charles the gift he desperately desired? Read More
Skyler is your typical teenage girl. But one day her dad leaves without an inkling or his whereabouts. Is it up to Skyler to go search for him after 6 years? Only time will tell weather he is still alive. Read More

Poem / Sports

June 08, 2014

A satire. It trivialises the Lance Armstrong's doping scandal. Read More
17th February 2014 a Chinese guy jumped into a Tigers' Den at his local zoo. Why? This short story explores this event and what it means to people around the world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is a tribute to the global tiger forum. I hope you who read this will take to heart what I was trying to do and help this cause. Money is not all that matters. If you cant make a donation, but want to help, just write an article/poem… Read More
Sarah is a tiger that ventures out on a wild adventure to track down a special creature. On the adventure she gets into some trouble involving a toucan and some mud.in the end Sarah learns and important life lesson about curiosity. Read More

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