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Sequel to the Wattys 2021 story (Sci-Fi category), “Foston Slacks - Time’s Flies”. Foston and Clara saved the multiverse, which was great, because Clara was the one that endangered it in the first place. Afterward, Foston left Clara back in her drab, boring, humdrum, safe life. For all of a… Read More
Dr. Bodhi McMullin is a brilliant but unconventional orthopedic surgeon in sun-soaked Southern California. A former star quarterback at UCLA, Bodhi is a tall, charismatic, and handsome presence. A year after a painful divorce from his high school sweetheart, Savanah, Bodhi struggles in his relationship with their seventeen-year-old daughter, Cassie.… Read More
Anne Shadow formed the perfect superhero team to fight crime. Thunderlord, Scientist, Gunslinger, and Flamemaker. When they meet Sira and Erik Shadow, their whole world is turned upside down. From evil gods to wannabe nightmaress, The League will have to fight endlessly to save not just the world, but the… Read More
Ashlyn Taylor is a blogger from New York City, who travels back to 1901 and meets Cash Logan. They fall in love and Ashlyn discovers she can travel back and forth between both worlds. Read More

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Basic Info: Genre: Science Fiction, Suspense, Adventure Setting: Year 2938, Earth and Space Themes: Environmental Crisis, Time Travel, Destiny, Sacrifice, Power Summary: In the year 2938, Earth faces a catastrophic environmental collapse. John Smith, a humble street cleaner, stumbles upon an ancient artifact that connects him to the enigmatic and… Read More
Amid the vast expanse of existence, where boundaries blur and destinies entwine, a journey unfolds that transgresses the boundaries of time itself. In the pages that follow, immerse yourself in a world where humanity's future intertwines with the cryptic realm of time. "Lieutenant Solarious and the Nexus of Time" invites… Read More
Time travel is not possible - but that doesn't mean we cant still see the past. Read More

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"Hmm where to start...So the plot is this "Time Tyrant" goes back into time to manipulate free will, already expressed to cancel free will, alrea..." Read More

This piece is part of a series of ‘Postcards’ I have been writing since October 2022. Originally my postcards were meant to discuss my travels and the places I visit, but I found myself distracted along the way. Or perhaps it’s simply procrastination, as I have no idea how to… Read More
How to view reality in it’s true form you will everything you see is only a small part of what makes the universe. Research shows what you think of as reality is fake, nothing you see is solid. Learn how to access the true world around you. Read More
I'm an Australian attempting to learn to write. Born in the 1960's, well I've seen a few things. My work life comprised the professions of architecture, soldering, and construction project manager. These days I travel, rebuild a 1890's farmhouse, fish, write, and support my wife's small business. I write with… Read More
This Postcard follow the story of an Australian War Horse, first introduced in my previous postcard called, 'A Postcard about a Postcard'. I have been writing this series, since November 2022, currently there are 30 in the series. By intent, and being postcards, this series is characterized by: Brevity, contains… Read More
I'm an Australian attempting to learn to write. Born in the 1960's, well I've seen a few things. My work life comprised the professions of architecture, soldering, and construction project manager. These days I travel, rebuild a 1890's farmhouse, fish, write, and support my wife's small business. I write with… Read More
In this captivating fantasy-adventure tale, a small-town girl named Lily discovers an ordinary umbrella with an extraordinary secret. The umbrella possesses the incredible ability to transport its holder through different periods of time. With each touch, Lily embarks on thrilling journeys, experiencing eras of the past and encountering remarkable characters.… Read More
Lt. Jenna McNamara is a tough cop in a tough place--Daedalus Dome, the Moon habitat that’s home to more than 5,000 people in the year 2067. There’s rampant drug addiction, a killer on the loose, a virulent plague and a fugitive with a checkered past whom she is ordered to… Read More
A dying earth in the 23rd century motivates environmental activities Rick and Chen to plan a unique cure--go back in time to the 21st century to stop the madness before it gets worse. Unbeknown to Rick is Chen’s propensity for violence and her murderous exploits complicate an otherwise altruistic mission.… Read More
This story is entitled to both present an exciting and tricky story of travelling to the past and make readers more interested in an era along with its some characters. I'm open to any feedback! Read More
Karen builds a time machine to travel back to the era of the robber barons, the wealthy industrialists who dominated American business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As she travels back in time, Karen gains a new perspective on history and life. Read More
Late 21st century singer/songwriter Dionne P Nash's world is turned upside down, when she is whisked into the age of Tairos, by the city of Mosterik, who hope to bring many great entertainers from the past into their era using magic. After the vampire horde overruns Mosterik however, Dionne is… Read More

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a collaborative piece by: kennaflames and alchiap :: https://www.booksie.com/users/alchiap-294315 it was an ordinary day for the level 20 baker. as usual the occasional hunter stopped in for their quest; the regulars for their cups and sweets. it was a lovely day. allison was busy stocking the shelves, her tail swishing… Read More
An archeologist suddenly finds himself a time traveler when he accidentally finds a time travel device in the ruins of an ancient civilization. But the old civilization has noticed Rowan messing with the timeline, and has the technology to find him, no matter what time he finds himself in... Read More
Ems, a unique replicant, lives at the End of History. Discovering she may have a connection with a long dead human, Emma; Ems must find out the truth about her and outwit her machine overlord before Emma kills herself again in the past. Read More
Tim goes in to work early one day. He finds something that perhaps he was not supposed to. What is this strange place? Read More
Tim has a profound encounter with his idol that changes his life. Read More
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