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Eddard and Tyrion invent something they should not have. They names of the characters are from Game of thrones Read More
A brilliant engineer was trying to take control of his life, to make sure everything he planned goes as planned. However, his life took an unpredictable turn when a time machine was built. Read More
It's a story about three friends who decide to explore the Bermuda triangle Read More
Approximately one hundred years in the future, three scientists are about to step into history-quite literally, as they are set to become the first to travel through time. Their mission is to journey into the future in order to evaluate social progress, however they are going to bend the rules… Read More
An intellectual professor invents a time machine, but will it bring the respect he desires or will it bring ruin? Read More
tis is the story of a girl who found a time machine, but she will come to find out that this one has a mind of its own... Read More

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July 01, 2014

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The world is divided into thousand billion Paths. Every single person have their own billion path they choose, and every single person is different to other. But all of them is written in a single object. The object often called 'the icon', but it is titled 'the LOST'. And it's… Read More
I wrote this story after my friend died violently 4 years ago. It is based on a dream I had that somehow I could rewind time and bring him back. It is a fun story about a crazy inventor and a naive woman who's husband is killed. Read More
I was told to write a two page essay on Ancient Greece and how it compared and contrasted to today. I got a little over-board. Read More
Go back in time? A miraculous event offers Linda Wallace the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go back, way back - to her vibrant and happy youth in the 1950s - and to live it all over again! To top it off, she gets to take with her the hard-earned wisdom that… Read More
Since this story "Happy Machine" throws insights on various things (natural, unnatural, spiritual, etc, etc) let me give out a set of morals. For the first time in the history of story telling (I can claim… no one can sue me) a story to have more than one moral. Here… Read More
A group of hobby actors wants to stage "Pyramus & Thisbe" but it all gets a bit out of hand as the playwright discovers his unbelievable ignorance. Read More
A man escapes his assured death, and struggles over his motivations why. Read More
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