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This is what i wish happend in Fairly Odd Parents but never will since the writers are two years old. Read More
When young Timmy decides to go in search of an old mine in the forest, he finds out the hard way that you should always listen to your parents. And warning signs. Read More

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Timmy was so pissed of at his best friend Ashton for leaving him in the dust, he drowned out all the anger in work. Little did he know that work was going to bring him a special surprise. was it love? was it hope? was it something that could make… Read More

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Timmy's back. A bit older. Now worried about the black thing that sticks to him - what is it and why is it? Timmy figures it out - shadows. Read More
Timmy does Sneezy. It's a long day for Timmy's Mom and for Timmy too. Many fake sneezes and mock pretend saves and a lot of wasted tissues go into this performance. Read More
Timmy is Sleepy today. And so is everybody else. "The gaps are catching," as Timmy's father says. Humor. Little boy's fantasy played out, for real. Read More
Timmy addresses his next dwarf challenge, and makes everyone Happy for a day. With a nod to californiadreamin' for the spider with a limp joke! Read More
A better day for Timmy and his family as he dons his blue sunglasses and prepares to be Doc for a day. Little boy playing out his imagination's ideas. Humor. Happier day for all. Read More
Timmy goes Grumpy, with a will to be the best non-grumpy Grumpy he can be. And succeeds. Second day of Seven Dwarfs. Little boy fantasy acted on on his family, who must grin and bear it while Timmy has a Thing. Read More
This story is Sunday's adventure, the 2nd in a series of planned postings for a story about the 7 days of Timmy's Snow White. The series deals with a small boy doing what small boy's do best - making magic in an everyday world. Enjoy and stay tuned. There are… Read More
Timmy LOVES the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He loves it so much, he decides to live it - kinda, sorta. It's a Timmy Thing. This is the first installment of seven. Read and then stay tuned. Read More
Timmy the tiger didn't like to play fair. He wanted everything to be about him. But then he learns that playing fair is more fun. (warning!- for babies!) Read More
What happens when Frankie's parents learn she's dating Timmy for the fourth time? Read More

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This is an example of my own unrefined style of flash fiction, whereas I take a random image or concept that pops into my head and just start writing freely in one continuous flow of thought. I do not concern myself with case or punctuation and do not stop typing… Read More
this one was a bit more recent than "what happens when I'm tired and bored." It also has a BIT more of a plot line... not really. I wrote THIS one at 3:00 AM. I couldn't fall asleep, my family was watching TV, and there was my dad's laptop in… Read More
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