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Kronos, Titan of the Harvest, conceived a half-blood child on the eve of his battle with his children. He hid his newborn in a tomb to be suspended in time in case he loses the war. After a fight between the Gods, the tomb opens up. But Kaleb does not… Read More

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September 03, 2018

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With the Greek Gods defeated,Poseidon,God of the Sea seeks out his only son alive, Peter Wave,who has no idea that he was ever a demigod. However,Ancient Enemies of the Gods are returning to overthrow humanity from being the dominant species and with the gods fallen,Peter will be… Read More

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Back in Ancient Greece during a time where monsters and beasts roamed free terrorizing cities and causing destruction wherever they went. Two demigods put it upon themselves to aid the people of Greece while traveling far and wide to kill as many monsters as they could, for a price of… Read More
In the mits of a inter-species space war between the Gre'k and the Ti'Tan. A unlikely hero emerges in the form of LT Hephaestus, an engineer on the Gre'k main battle ship. Read More

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When Lance Garron, a 17-year-old boy with the powers of a dragon, must break a centuries-long curse on his family line, can he succeed when the temptations of his own literal inner dragon seem to drive him into the plans of the Faerie who cursed him? Read More
It is the year of 4982. A new era in human history has begun. Humans are at the pinnacle of their power. In this society was born Michael Smith, a mix breed between a Xylonian and a human. He has secret abilities that allow him to do great things. When… Read More
This is the Greek Mythology i'm talking about, lol! I had to write a ten-page short story about a Greek God, or a made up one. Most Greek Mythology Stories explain why we do what we do in our society. For example, we have weather because of Zeus. We have… Read More
Superman full of joy now that he and Lois are together, but Darkseid hopes to twist this joy into pain Read More

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This story takes place in gotham,metropolis,titans tower,and other significate locations from the dc universe. The main charcters include, but are not limited to Batman/Bruce Wayne Robin/Tim Drake Superman/Clark kent the new titans justice league and NightWing/ Richard Grayson disclaimer: I don't own teen titans or dc universe I do however… Read More
[Completed] The titans have a new friend named Victoria, she never goes out in the sunlight. Weird right the team has a battle with Slade he somehow convinces them she is a vampire. in a battle blood of her Friends flow out and she ends up insane, vamps out. CyborgxOCxRobin Read More

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Now that Orchid knows the Titans are after her, she decided to teleport into The Titans tower to get some idea of what she's dealing with. She thinks that the Titans would be sleeping, but instead is caught and asked questions. Eventually she gets away, but not before they get… Read More
I thought of writing a poem for a while and I decided I would write one aboyut Evangeline's (A.K.A Blood Orchid) feelings for each of the titans. These emotions she feels later on in the story when she gets to know them. I also chose this to be a haiku. Read More
Robin has plans for how to take care of Gotham's newest criminal; or is she? Sure, she steals things to make a living and her reflexes are those of a bat fom hell, but is she just a scared girl who's trying to survive? The bad girl witht the bad… Read More
sorry guys i couldn't save this story, so i had to pubish what i had which was pretty much nothing and i'm rambling so i'll stop now here's more of the story.... Read More
Skratanu cannot understand his people's fear of the Titans. that is, until their wrath is demonstrated. Broken and friendless, cast out of his own world, Skratanu seeks a way to avenge himself against the Titans- and free his people once and for all. Read More

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i got bord so dicide to right this Read More

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a fanfiction crossover between the dc and marvel universes starring the teen titans with a guest spot for madame web. Elf is my own invention as are her children Read More
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