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It's a LONG story that breaks the fourth wall multiple times and has a lot of interactions between different characters from different universes and OCs. Read More
As requested by An Intrepid Writer. ENJOY! Read More
Zach, Ryan, Noah and Alan in the company of Denver, Shades, Mario, Wally and Jeremy face off Batman. Will the Dark Knight allow them to enter the city of Nootra or will they be unmasked as intruders? Read More
the novel i am currently working on. I decided to base it on the tmnt theme as i am that fascinated by their characters. An Assassin was raised by the deadly master artist who had hidden many of her secrets. Young ninja Leonardo was raised to uphold honor, however, he… Read More

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Raphael's side of the story wrote and told. He tells of why and how. Maybe even what. It's your choice and opinion. Read More

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The TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtles) face something they've never would expected,the death of Raphael. As they try to continue,they find Master Splinter acting strange. Why? Why is he talking to invisible people? Why are they getting chills? What is the crashing sounds in Raphael's room? It may be the… Read More

Tags: haunted, tmnt

Leonardo has secretly been in love with his younger brother Raphael for a long time now, and he thinks its time to tell him, what he doesn't know is Raphael has loved him just as much over the years. After they find out about each others secrets, Leonardo meets a… Read More
every so often, a new part will be released! Read More

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