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two old friends meet after years of not seeing one another, the lusty bulid up is high but their is more to her plan than what meets the eye. Chloe religious plans for her lusty pal. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

One day everybody will know the true self of a hidden personality. You never know when you're going to snap, nor do anybody who's mentioned within this little game. Read More
Fight back against E-Cigarette and Tobacco companies targeting our children. Teach them early on that tobacco and second hand smoke are extremely hazardous to our health! This is why smoking is BAD!!! by Michael Bacotti Link: Read More
It is about that cigarettes and cigars are not good for health. Read More
this is a short story about tree and tree stump. How narrator observed them both during the time of wind . Read More
How I became rich when I was struggling to survive. Read More

Short Story / Other

October 17, 2012

Let your imagination go crazy with this Depro-fiction. Read More
This article is an overview to a forthcoming paper on the problem of western societies growing weight problem as measured by the Body Mass Index (BMI). Data is taken from the OECD, WHO, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the aim to provide further evidence of the causal nature… Read More
I wrote this seven or eight months ago, after one of the GOP candidates made a remark about building an electric fence between the US and Mexico to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country. Read More
Chewing Betel Leaf after meals is good for digestion and cheaper than using antacids. Read More
A brief but strong argument to say that the concept of spirits and ghosts should never be cast completely away Read More
Totally different from what I usually write, a lot more... negative? I kind of liked it. It's not a personal experience, because I am usually very anti-smoking but it fit the genre quite well. I enjoyed writing from a different angle because it was a cool experience. Read More
John Marston is a partially reformed outlaw in America in 1911. When federal agents threaten his family, Marston is sent across the American West to help uphold the law. He must kill or capture his former gang members, including his old friend and gang partner Bill Williamson, or his family… Read More
Dry cure our leaves to use in any shape or form; We are feel good tobacco; Cut, slice, puree, sundry or however you use, Pasta and pizza tasteless without us; We are juicy tomatoes; Read More

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September 05, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Written while looking at two separate cans of Skoal Spitting Tobacco. Read More
“Well, let me bestow upon you the title ‘Mac’ and from now onwards you will be addressed as McMurthy,’ proclaimed Juggernaut addressing his cousin Mr. Murthy. “What I did to deserve this title?” puzzled Mr. Murthy. “For starters, you know America is the birth place of Mc Donald’s,” “For people… Read More
A group of radical Michigan Indians liberate a White Buffalo and attempt to take it to South Dakota. Read More
A love story about a man and his monster, an Indian, and a woman. Read More
A couple talks about what was important in their lives as chemtrails and military take over their neighborhood. Read More
Background on how smoking has completely alleviated symptoms for one asthma sufferer. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 15, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

Tobacco consumption, by way of smoking, poses an enormous threat to the health of everyone exposed to it. To the smoker and to those who are exposed to ambient smoke created by those smoking it. It's called toxic "air pollution" folks! In some ways, it is like alcohol, a legalized/lethalized… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 19, 2007

belief er mother lives in anguish, one, two many times Her soal once lost, it is now paralyzed My heart aches, wreck less anger resides within me I shall not fight, it only warrents despair and furry I grow depressed, but I must not give into fear We ran away… Read More
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