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When his tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend ends, Monty Washington tells her he’ll kill himself if she leaves him. To his surprise, his admission gets him placed on a psychiatric hold. Upon release, he finds himself attending court-mandated therapy. Though he strives to conquer his emotional instability, his progress is… Read More
Our families, regardless of their size or structure are our gateways into the world. But, what happens when our home, the place that is supposed to be safe and nurturing, is actually detrimental to us? Read More
Soulmates. There is a belief that they are always connected. Through space and time. While in each other’s presence or not. Soulmates are forever and timeless. Dee lost her soulmate 28 years ago; well, lost in the physical sense. She knew Jack was always out there; felt him in her… Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

January 10, 2020

Something I wrote to get my feelings out after a best friend blasted me on social media and said our friendship was “dead.” Read More
a story of a toxic relationship doomed to end in tragedy note: this is not about me. i just wanted to enter the mind of the victim in a toxic relationship Read More
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