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Alien Trading Partners, what a concept. But like all business venture the question is, "Can you trust them?" Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 18, 2014

Edmund Deen is a man of suspicious background, he lives in a place known as the institute and gets treatment from numerous doctors a day. When Edmund gets killed in a fatal car accident he finds himself in a alternative universe, seven years younger than he was before. Enter the… Read More
A poem about a ancient city in the Dreamlands. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Listen to the storyteller, her words haunt true... Thea lives in the small village of Lina in the fictional kingdom of Akieria. A girl with such an ordinary life and a perdictable out come, everything changed when she started to listen to Holly's tales. The ones she'd tell the children,… Read More
But We're Lost For the Words to Say. This is the only serious piece of poetry you will ever get out of us I'm afraid. Read More

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