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Kaylien was born deaf and mute, her family life is horrible but she found solace in her friend and unrequited love Zach and his family now she enters martial arts tournaments and goes to comic cons with them, but her secret life will soon begin to come forward and threaten… Read More
When a bio-weapon went wrong in India, it's creator-- Dr. Tapa became patient zero and began a epidemic that turns humans into crazed creatures called the "infected". In Houston Texas, Brooklyn and her small family must learn to survive and thrive in a world of chaos and death and every… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

'Buttons, buttons' is the game. And six teenagers are in the mix. Spiked drinks end up in the wrong hands, and the game is to blame for all the life changing actions taking place. Rated R for: Language, Adult Content, Sexuality, Slight Violence Read More
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