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The Story Alexander & Aaren is told by Aaren's Cousin Sariah Montgomery, as she is the only who still remembers what took place all those years and how the Deaths of these two young Boys has changed the fate of their families and the Valley in which they both lived… Read More
This is a coming of age/romance story. It follows two individuals a boy Keith, and a girl Kiara who live in a world like our own, but this world exists in an alternate universe. Starting the story as preteens this is the story of how they grow up, fall in… Read More
An Oraeka Project short The second war for Erocia has been raging for far too long. Here in Metha, it needed to be stopped however, it was looking dire for the Human-Oraeka joint army. Kutaru Yutsu was brought in from the Northern Campaign as a means of hope for this… Read More
Deep within the blizzards of Alaska, a now lonely man struggles to keep his sanity. Meanwhile, it seems as if everyone around him begins to lose their sense of humanity too. As his friend suffers from a drastic midlife-crisis, Morrison feels entitled to help save his friendship. In the end,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Told through a series of flashbacks, “Symphony of Perdition” explores the emotional journey of Sam, a poor and down to earth farmer, who attempts to save his wife from her depression. Along the way, he will have to confront her intrusive father, someone who will stop at nothing to end… Read More
ALLIANA JONES......She is a kind of girl seeking happiness in friends, food, shopping and basketball.She is a kind of girl who still believes in the world of fairy tales....far from all blood, destruction and hate. Far from all criminal and evil minded people, she lives in a world filled only… Read More
A poem written from the point of view of Sol-mun, a character from my in-progress novel 'The Stone Elves', as he describes the Betrayal of Elenori. Read More

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September 13, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story from my compilation "Love Can Always be Found" - available on amazon. Let me know what you think. Two people are looking for a relationship, both people have had tragedies in their lives preventing them from looking. However, they may have found something in each other.… Read More
I dedicate this poem to the nearly 3000 people who perished on September 11, 2001. Read More

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September 08, 2019

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The The Imaginarium House

This is an old poem I wrote a while back and I decided to edit it and upload it. I have been exploring some murder-suicides in my family's history and so this old poem I wrote came to mind. A respectable and well-to-do British gentleman Mr. Bell is murdered by… Read More

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"Ha! This was brilliant, L.E. Excellent rhyming and a wonderfully told tale!" Read More

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You must find your superpower when faced with tragedy... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Tears are a sign that something significant has happened. Tears are shed as a result of great joy or great sorrow, great pain and loss or great triumph. They come for more reasons than I have the ability to list but they never come for nothing. Read More
Dedicated to Brent Chalem (1975-1997) who died on December 9, 1997. Read More

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The dreamscape House

Till death do us part. A 4 page story how a man can't lie to a lady even at risk of death. Read More
It's a tragedy that news reports of shootings seem to be a constant source of dejavu as they seem to happen so often. It is a tragedy that children must grow up wondering if they will be safe as they go to school or to the movies or to the… Read More
Life has unexpected changes. Sometimes these changes can alter the view of one family member to another. When Sheila realizes who the good guy is and who is not in her life, she turns herself around quickly. Only trauma hits her before she can express her gratitude fully to the… Read More
A man stumbles through his grief after the mysterious suicide of his beloved wife. Read More
My name is Masen and I have some plans to make. Revenge plans. I know it will take careful, precise planning. And time. Lots off it. You’ll soon find out why but let me fill you in on some background information first. Read More
The love story between Adam and Eve. Just read it you will get refreshed. Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Eleanor is outgoing and controlling, whereas Freya is introvert and a loner. As school girls their paths cross.... warning some distressing content. Read More
Since I can't move forward with tales at the moment, what do you say, we share some poems? I gathered these for a book. Laughs. It was a disaster! Half of them are missing they disappeared out of the file they were supposed to be in. No, I didn't win...… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's a story of two friends that love each other very much, even death can't stop them from being together. Read More
This is a true story about my late friend 'JOHN W. BROWN'. Read More
Leo is bored and tired of his life and relies on playing video games to bring satisfaction to his life. A new VRMMO (Virtual reality massive multiplayer online) company emerged and presented their product to the world, which allows players to switch their consciousness to another world. Leo wants… Read More
Dedicated to all my fellow American Veterans. Read More

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"You sum it up so well with your words, temoc 1 sol. You do what's 'right', obey the rules, but come home a misfit, condemned and unwanted. " Read More

This happens too often. If you are a bicyclist, you can live it -- and die it. Read More

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"So many people just don't look! An excellent and very important piece." Read More

After receiving advice from her doctor, a young girl is forced into the country to visit her rich father, whom she has not seen or heard from in a decade. Her traumatic past haunts her, and love is far from her mind when she arrives, but why does it seem… Read More
Danielle March lost her dad on her fifth birthday. Taking a bullet to protect her, not realizing that she was a part of of something big. Bigger than she could ever imagine. Read More
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