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"Today's the day! Today's the day I finally get to go to the big city! Oh man, I've been itching to see the destroyed apartment complexes. Like, did you know that napalm is actually jellied gasoline? That's rad! I think that's a mix between a solid and a liquid? What… Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 13, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Free verse describing the current mood. Read More

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The 2020 President election is over. But it is still a topic of intense interest, discussion, and most certainly, continued political shenanigans at every level. Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

September 13, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

They didn't know each other. Didn't know how they looked. If the person behind the posts was even of the same gender as they claimed to be. Zach and Simon had been talking to each other for weeks now. But they had never met. The Parks Post they called it.… Read More

Tags: love, gay, romance, sad, tragic

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The Review Chain House

In the year 1980, the city of Abra particularly in the Manabo was devastated by huge floods. All the houses and farms were ruined by these calamities. The village were wipe. Jaime and Dior was few of the survivors. As time passed by, a new story was made and developed… Read More

Tags: love, romance, tragic

Landmarks all have a history to them. Some are easily explained with a heroic backstory, while others are simply a mystery, leaving scholars to theorize how they came to be. The Crater of Crone Woods is one example of a landmark. Read More
Beautiful and tragic, a boy tries to find his mother. Read More
Left with promise but never returns. Those red strings tied on the tree to witness the cold love. There the summer and winter become wisp for there's someone standing without hope. Beautiful than the winter snow. Read More
A poem written by Mthokozisi Khotseng. Read More
A cinematic poetry series written by Christian Tripp. Read More

Tags: south, ghetto, tragic

A story where two girls named ella and ena decided to have their sleep over. Ella's dad is lusting over ena so he did the most terrible thing that he can do because of lust. Read More
Life is hard in the land of Irithreal. Beasts prowl on the innocent as war ravages the land. Tales of Irithreal shows the struggles, tragedies, and corruption that the people face in order to survive on the only "free" continent that is Irithreal. Read More
I fell in love with Angelo De Guzman but he never reciprocated it. Fate was on my side because ever since we were born our parents already decided our future - they want us to get married when we reach legal age. He treated me more coldly and it was… Read More
Dedicated to John W. Brown (1970-2019). Read More
A woman finds a plastic bag with horrific contents. Read More

Tags: africa, tragic

Poem / Romance

April 03, 2019

Love is everything we wish it to be and yet it can be everything we wish it not to be. Read More
This is the story of a person who was bullied by society and was hated just by living. Given a second chance, he was given a chance to become better and yet it goes downhill. It is one story that will lift him higher forever. Read More
Modern story describes six girls who do extreme sports. In the story are combined fashion , their lives and extreme sports. Plot? Well, since there are six of them, each of them has special events, but the most important part, and also a part that leaves the strongest impression, the… Read More
To Ducky, she'd never though that love is practical, something logical that can be assessed. Everything changes when she meets Benjamin White. But what happens when not all stories has a happy ending? Read More

Book / Romance

December 16, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A Room of friends listen to the tell all story about their friend that had gone missing. A rock star, A doctor, A Teacher, and a Best Friend faced with the truth of the girl they all thought they knew. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

story of a thirteen year old girl determined to find out who murdered her brother little did she know what other things she would find out Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 01, 2018

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The Poetic Dreamers House

A poem about Bizet's popular opera, Carmen. Read More

Tags: love, death, murder, tragic

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The Booksie Classic House

Comparing a common theme found in the book "After the Fire" by Robin Gaby Fisher and my life. Overcoming hardships and self-acceptance Read More
A dark story of wedding turned funeral followed by suicide. Read More

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