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Robert Dooley had a dream to be a rock star and sing onstage. But when he loses his family in a tragic accident, he will learn that life is a cruel son of a bitch, and has no intention of letting up. As he starts his junior year of high… Read More
With a Hard life, Abusive father, and no one left, Tibby makes her way through all the problems, but only of course with the help of her bestfriend, Justin. Will it get better?.... Will she lose some else?.. Will things finally change?. Read More
For Blair White this small town in Covington, Kentucky is like her very own heaven all warm and cozy and safe. Being safe was all she knew how to be. Till two extremely gorgous Romanian war veterians that should have died in thee war of 1812. But why are they… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

AVampire named Vladimir Salvatore takes revenge on the women who refused to love him when he gave his unbeating heart to her to keep forever... for some forever is forever.. for Vladimir is just learning that with forever you need a heart too love them.. and Caroline Slade the women… Read More

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November 18, 2011

A yound boy becomes mezerized and finaly driven mad by the apernse of a toy he found at the age of five, he tends to call it Rubin. As the years go on he has maneged to become a muderous raving loony that carrys the doll around with him every… Read More

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Creon’s stubborn pride blinds him to the legitimate needs and concerns of his family and in doing so condemns them. This is a write up about the greek tragity "Antigone." Read More
He didn't know how much she loved her. And she didn't know how much he cared... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This a tragic story of a boy who is half demond and half human that is in a war that last 300 years and how it slowly turns him cold in the hart and drives him insane. it has alot of death so if you are sencitive plesee dont read. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kayla and Kyle lost there parents when they were young.Their Mom died in a fire and there Dad in a car crash.They lived with thier Aunt for a while until Kayla turned eighteen she moved out and took kyle with her.Her grief was covering her life but she always tried… Read More
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