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He was sure to finally talk to the woman of his dreams. But things always turn out differently in reality... Read More
If a stranger sat next to you on a train and got up, leaving a package behind. Would you investigate the package? Read More
In Ontario, the Canadian city, a girl dies in a prank gone wrong. Several years' later, a group of fraternity and sorority girls, head on a train that is full of disco music, and magic by a magician, and his assistant. As they fall victim to a revenge seeking murderer,… Read More
It's extremely important to get on the Train of thought - otherwise you just might be in for a bumpy ride. Read More
Following the Tracks is flash fiction piece about a brother, Jarrod Weiss, following his sister's tracks in the hope of finding her alive. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story uses three methods of delivery; it is the reader's choice as to which one they want to use. - The first method is to just read the story. - The second method is to treat it like a Musical and sing the underlined words. Different readers… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Flash Fiction Summer 2019 Writing Contest. Read More
Sometimes, when you are alone, you wander and you wander out onto the lonely highway. Read More
For all the war-time heroes and vets who come home to what no longer feels a home.To all those lonely people and broken dreamers who are a name without a face. You belong and you always will. Read More
A man is appointed to carry out a difficult task, will he make it? Read More

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Just a little poem for history. Read More

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An angel talks to a man on a train. Read More

Short Story / Other

July 17, 2019

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There's someone dead underneath you. (Don't we all love stories based on truth) Read More

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An astral journey with Nyarlathotep (whom I call Nei in this poem). Read More

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Why was he carrying two bags? He shouldn’t have been, no one carried two bags. Unless one was a bomb. Read More

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Title taken from Adele's song 'Hello'. Don't @ me asking for an explanation because I'm going to sound stupid. Read More
Entry for Flash Fiction contest. Read More
Bert had to get back to his base Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Happiness may just be a train ride away. Another entry in the Booksie Flash Fiction Summer 2019 Writing Contest. Read More
An entry into the 2019 Booksie Summer Flash Fiction contest Read More
(Same title, I can't work it out how to post the photo the story was based on.) It was for my Flash Fiction Writing Contest. 130 words. Read More

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