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A person wakes up in a box in the sky. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When you loose sleep there's only so long you can go before things become trippy. Where the distinction between dreams and reality becomes faded and you don't know whats real and what isn't. disclaimer: I wrote this in half an hour, while watching a Freddy Crougar film. Read More
Coalition of all my poems. More to come soon, but I rather have my poems all together. These poems are to reflect on your mind in a unique way. Have Fun! Read More
An experience through meditation. Please comment. Someone has said that the infinite universe you can find inside you, is more beautiful than the one outside. So Meditate, Transcend, Enlighten your life. Read More
Another Winter disseminates and through sutle but rambuctious evolutions relegates loss-albeit bashfully-to usurping Spring. Read More
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