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Despite his jovial tone Alex shrank back, the malicious glint in Andrew's eyes dousing the fiery retort on the edge of her tongue. "I told you that I don't want you to ever talk about me, don't even think about me! I don’t want to be anywhere in your queer… Read More
Read the overview and a few chapters from my memoir 'Bits And Pieces'! You won't be sorry and hopefully you will laugh your a** off! Read More
A section of my memoir 'Bits And Pieces'. Read More
A 'blurb' that will be rewritten to be included into my memoir entitled 'Bits And Pieces' Read More
Overview of my memoir 'Bits and Pieces'. Please read more chapters on my site. Read More
Chapter 16 of my memoir 'Bits and Pieces'. This one will be rewritten to include more 'insanity' ....... Read More
When I was little, my big sister was the best person in the entire world. We use to chase each other, make funny faces and sometimes she'd let me play her piano. But things have changed. She's changing in ways that I don't understand. I hope she tells me what's… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The love in a long distance relationship is strained. Read More
On a trip to India, pampered rich girl Aubrey's life is saved by members of India's famous population of third-gendered people, called the Hijra. She is informed she must stay with them as a "hostage", but as her time with them progresses, it is unclear where the actual hostility lies. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A minute of silence spreads over us. I take a deep breath. “Ben,” My throat feels like it is closing, “Ben, I’m taking hormones. In six months I will be a boy.” Read More
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