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An excerpt from my novel 'Elso Caste'. One of the more interesting, and grizzly, scenes. A Warning: Very strong language, Mild sexual nature, Moderate Violence. Read More
Every day... Could be so wonderful... Read More
The morality of porn and the nature of sexual objectivity. Read More
A bunch of nerds go back in time to kill Hitler. I've noticed I've become rather feverish when I stay up for too long. That is to say, this is one of the first things I wrote on one of my forced insomnia binges. I become a much more interesting,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

idk man, we got some zombies, some more humor, and some more philosophy up in here. post-apocalyptic entrepreneurs for the win. is charlie a boy? a girl? who in the actual fuck knows. Read More

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November 15, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Criticism/Anon hate is appreciated. praise is okay I guess. Basically, you got two hitchhikers traveling backcountry America. You got your Mega-Church hostage situations, Drive-thru shotgun weddings, philosophical camping bullshit, and other miscellaneous self-discovery transgressive stuff. Thank you, Ivan. *this, of course, is not the entire thing, as there will be… Read More

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October 24, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

In the light of a disintegrated romance, a broken boy attempts to hold on to life. Read More
A confused young man drives to his girlfriend's apartment and murders her. Read More
Even superheroes can't win them all. Having taken on the forces of darkness and lost, Vule finds herself trapped in a hell of her own making. Read More
If you had hit rock bottom and got telekinesis, what would you do? This is only the first five chapters, but enjoy :) it changes a fair bit in part two olo Mxxxxx Read More
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