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The Booksie Classic House

RoboCop meets the Great Escape It's a race to the surface and freedom. A fast-paced, action-adventure pitting humans and cyborgs led by one family, the Henry's, against the transhumanist government of Eris which has instituted "hard-kill" measures to eliminate the now useless Fleshie population. Read More
Sometimes imaginary conversations and interviews are fun ways to explore a mystery or uncertainty. Here's one way of looking at whether the material world evolves its way to more subtle immaterial fields of intelligence or whether an immaterial intelligence condenses into more material forms. (Whether the implicate order is a… Read More
George Smythe spills his blood for The Cause before he has a conscious thought as to either its true nature or his role as its leader in the distant future. His mortal and immortal enemy nearly slays him whilst he’s on holiday in Mexico touring pre-Columbian archaeological sites. The Nagual… Read More

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August 18, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Much of what I say is in code. Only the few will understand - these people are the Vessels and have willingly surrendered to the Source. Read More
A nameless man wanders around in a marvelous city of the future, which he was not supposed to live long enough to see. Despite the technologies available in this future, people cannot escape the old enemies of the human heart. Read More
In the future, transient robots populate the earth and follow a careful system to maintain a stasis on Earth while they work out what their future might hold. The humans are longed for as the androids begin to take responsibility for the Earth. Read More
An unconventional group for men, with unconventional goals. Read More
Lulworth Cove, England, 1348: Washed up on Earth with no plans, no memory, and no way home alien Foster Luck is soon abandoned by his two travel companions who go their separate ways. One’s on a mission, one was forced here against his will, and neither want anything to do… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

2007, Hamburg. As tongues of flame still rise from the fourth story of an apartment building, Sara is still clinging to the neck of her mother's body with her stubby toddler's hands. Still a year old, she is the sole survivor of the tragedy -- at least, for now. But… Read More
This is a story about a man who receives an email, telling him that he is immortal and that he will be rich and powerful forever. His DNA has been analyzed and the result shows that he is one of the few humans that can be resurrected after death, with… Read More
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