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One heart can save a life...or maybe even more. Kayleigh Elliot always knew she was a ticking time bomb. At the age of six, she knew that her heart wouldn't last her entire life. Yet sixteen years later, no one is prepared for the day she collapses,… Read More
We need to stop thinking like us and start thinking like Christ. It's easier said than done, but sanctification is important. Read More
Jessie looks nothing like her family. She does look like her best friend's family though. It is not until Jessie's doctor recommends a bone marrow transplant for her that they discover that Jessie is not a biological member of her family. That must mean that she was switched at birth.… Read More
Imagine a world where brain transplant could also happen!!!!! Here's a pop teen star-MIA HOOKE.She got brain transplantation and started falling for her biggest enemy!!!!! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A sweet love story Read More
“We the dogs are known for faithfulness, affection and love,” “If we were evolved from wolves and wild dogs, it’s hard to see a connection,” pondered, Rani, a female Golden Cocker Spaniel. “There is something called mutation that occurs during evolution and that’s what I believe occurred to make us… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

ok. so after stating i 'do' comedy writing i havent yet uploaded anything in that genre, but hey. what are you gonna do?. Anyway this is a short from a while back about mysterious men in red suits. which is also not comedy. what can i say, I'm a sucker… Read More
All Jason Kowalski wanted to do was to get tickets to a Baseball game to thank those who helped him when he recieved a heart transplant. Ended up playing an inning of professional baseball instead, causing major concerns and changes in his life and in others. Read More
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