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This is a story about a simple decoy operation in which an arrest is made and the politicians and news media make it into something it is. Blunt, profane language and violent scenes. There is also sexually explicit language. This story reflects the life in the streets of the typical… Read More
Sergeant First Class Rock Hard of Cold Water, Kansas, is a United States Army Ranger. One of the best. Today, he is leading a six man team of Rangers on a reconnaissance of one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan, an area where Rangers, Recon Marines, and United States… Read More
Welcome back to the Streets of Lechugaville and the heroic tales of the men and women of Lechugaville P.D. Introducing Peaches a La Mode, wounded and disabled USMC combat veteran and retiree, letting his inner woman out in the Streets of Lechugaville doing what he does best and enjoys most—pleasuring… Read More
George Garson seems to have it all: outrageous good looks, a pretty girlfriend, a gang of boys who obey his every command, a quick and intelligent mind that ensures that he does not have to work hard at school. Life seems perfect. He has worked hard to make it so.… Read More

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Homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites and hermaphrodites are discriminated against everywhere, especially in high school. They are bullied and teased and harassed by the “normal” ones, the heterosexuals. But what if you went to a school where everyone there was a homosexual, bisexual, transvestite or hermaphrodite? And you were no longer the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for the bondiggity challenge! This story isn't the type I normally write. The story is a surprise! Enjoy! Creep Lyrics Artist(Band):Radiohead When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In… Read More
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