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Sundarban is one of the most popular tourist destinations among adventure seekers and weekend travellers as it is only 100 kilometers or two hours away from the city of Kolkata. This astonishingly beautiful destination, which is surrounded by lush dense mangroves and perennial rivers that go to the horizon, is… Read More
Went to South Florida with my best Friend recently. This is a sequel to the "My Dear True Friend" series of Poems. Hope you enjoy it. Read More
London has many things to do in May. The most awaited event is the “Chelsea Flower Show”. I came to London in May and came to know about the Chelsea Flower Show from the hotel staff. People come to London to see this event held in Thursday May 26th till… Read More
An entomologist and her assistant venture into the heart of darkness... Read More
"Sweet dreams are made of these. I travel the world & 7 seas." This book is inspired by my love of food, health, movies, music, travel, yoga, spirituality and more. "Life is like a box of chocolates." You must open it and try each one to see if you like… Read More
They are going on a trip. They are going to join their friends. They are being pursued. Read More
London has many things to offer and people come to London from all over the world to live their dreams. Read More
just another short story set in nepal Read More

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In which an evil pirate fears death and will go to all means to prevent it. Sequel to THE CURSE OF TORRO...not a required read but encouraged. Read More
Zin loses his job the aftermath of the Great Recession and embarks on a cross country trip across the United States, encountering many adventures and mishaps along the way. Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

January 14, 2022

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I can't believe I'm actually doing this. This is so personal... Read More

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As a solo traveller, there are lots to do in London and people come to London from all over the world. Read More
Trying to beat writers block, story about traveling in Texas during the early, early '80's. Read More
I always come back so much richer with experience and wholeness. Read More
They are getting ready to resist the a dictatorial regime. What is going to happen to them? Read More
Ongoing story of travel, experience and ascension. Read More

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September 29, 2021

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Photo (c) Unsplash Read More
It is suggested that the volatility of a moment is a source of its beauty and perhaps it is true. Acknowledging this fact, however, does not make it easier to let things go when we know we must. My life in a way is a story of longing. Do not… Read More

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September 25, 2021

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The sun was out Carla-Jane was coming home after work, cutting through a property. Read More

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They are taking a long, dangerous trip. Something terrible is about to happen to them... Read More
They are going on a trip. The road is winding and dark. There is some kind of an accident.... Read More
A man leaves his normal life both suddenly and unexpectedly, afraid of acknowledging his own demons. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 24, 2021

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