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Traverse my homeland yonder? The land of beauty and grace Where rivers were pregnant With torrents of honey and milk. Left her shores many a spring ago Know not how my motherland is If you’ve traversed her, I beseech, Describe her ethereal beauty to me. Read More
A short story about a lonely monk's encounter with a mysterious traveller high up in the mountains. Read More
A real dream composed to thriller , mysterious short story Read More
An untold story set in the Destiny universe Read More
I am an international student in UK. I woke up one morning after a dream about my home country and was very worried in that dream about packing up (I was soon about to pack up in two months and leave for my home country). I had a sense of… Read More
~Sequel~ Coming Soon Second book in a series Read More

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24 year old mystery man, Jonas Gray, is someone who has lost his life and he doesn't know why. After waking up in a place he does not know, meeting a mysterious man and being thrown into a world he does not understand. He must make decisions he would not… Read More

Book / Fantasy

May 10, 2013

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Valentine was battered and broken when Remus found him. With nothing but a dark past and a stranger who claims to be his friend, Valentine sets out on an epic journey. Read More

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A Ghazal for Asian readers. Read More
A passionate, detailed description of a young boy's allergic reaction to his Reese's Puffs. Just kidding. Read More
sometimes we feel we are just travellers, wanderers unworthy of somebody. Read More

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As the title says just a poem about my life as a gypsy :) Read More

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Sam turned my ordinary life into an adventure. After meeting Samantha Black, i met an alien, time traveller, an esper and was almost killed. She doesnt know this but she can change the reality around her and is capable of destroying this world...and im the only one that can stop… Read More
Nick Chaser is a school teacher at Parkville high. Who would of known that he would be the world's first time traveller. Read this exciting and action-packed story about how a school teacher goes back in time to stop students from being murdered by a psychotic killer! Read More

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We meet so many globetrotters,yet do they reach anywhere near the strature of the greatest traveller? Read More
A traveller recounts his journey to a spellbound audience - a journey like no other. Doesn't feel quite finished, so criticism and suggestions very welcome. Read More
A very short story inspired by a recent train journey from Nottingham to Lancaster. Open-ended, and ill concieved. Read More

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I short story i started in English, but never got to finish. Well i finished it and here it is. I had to write about a character who was secluded from society. Read More

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