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Out in a surf break on the edge of the little-known and less-civilised edge of the world things happen with far-reaching consequences for people's physical health, mental well-being, and universal and timeless exasperation ... Read More
Corona virus tragedy and hope for survival Indeed, the Corona virus (Covid-19) is a sudden plague, which has become a thorn in many countries of the world. When the virus began to circulate in the State of China, many countries of the world thought it was far from contracting the… Read More
My Public Comment to the July 2013 US Federal Government’s Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee. Read More

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January 18, 2018

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Abreaction -- a psychiatric treatment that has supposedly been abandoned as it was proved to do more harm than good. Read More
a heart attack or myocardial infarction (mi) is a permanent damage to the heart muscles which occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked.” myo” refers to muscle, “cardinal” refers to the heart, and “infarction” means the death of tissue due to the sudden lack of blood supply. Read More
The title is wordplay, say it out loud. A man does a report on nuns and how they treat boys who misbehave. I have to stress that I have nothing against nuns and that my story is fictional. Slightly less than two hundred words. I hope the title is understood. Read More
A Story about Dave and Tom. The two friends decide to do a video summary of the treatment of cancer of which Dave suffers. - It is written in an unusal way and i really hope you guys can enjoy this one. I am writing this in english since I… Read More

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Anna goes blind following an accident when she is eight years old. Will years of undergoing treatment allow her to see again or will she always live in a world gone black? Read More
*Part of the final film release, in accordance with Step Outline Version One, released several months ago...* Read More
My fews on The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Read More
What to do if you suffer from meralgia paresthetica. How to diagnose it. How to find the causes. How to treat it. How to recover from meralgia. Read More
A short story of my experience with pain, pseudo-addiction, real full-blown life destroying addiction. My long road back to reality and how I returned from the lowest depths of human depravity to finding and understanding the maxim 'Know Thyself'. Read More
Since its inception 200 years ago, homeopathy has been treated as an alternative to the usual conventional medicine and science has kept a respectable distance from it since it does not seem to pose any harm. Read More
Homeopathy has been proven to cure almost anything there is. Such methods of treatment have been recognized by even by the most renowned persona. Starting from the German nation to the introduction and support by the British Empire, homeopathy has been used for generations and has spread to millions of… Read More
Using several sources of information from the media on a specific mental illness or on mental illness in general. I discuss depression and its many factors. The difficulty in labeling. And how does the biology of the human body of the male and female sex play an extremely important role. Read More

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TAKE NOTE: I personally HAVE NEVER killed anyone behind the wheel, thank the Lord, but have known people who have. I feel sadness for all parties involved, as they have all lost something that can never be replaced. Please, If you plan to drink anywhere, anytime, please have a designated… Read More
This article talks about three areas of focus when doing a social work assessment of a person who is suffering from Alcoholism. Read More
This paper will explore the movie “Requiem for a Dream,” and an addiction to methamphetamines. It will identify the substance and give a brief description of its effects and danger to society. Classification of the drug will be discussed, and general concerns about withdraw symptoms. Also, the frequency of drug… Read More
True love holds out over tragedy. A good sense of humor and attraction can over come many things. Including the wreck of the day that last thirty years later. Read More
This is book about various mental disorders and the current therapies used to treat the symptoms. It is for informational purposes and do not attempt to be a treatment in itself. Read More
Why do people practise 'the silent treatment'? Who wins what with that - seriously? Read More
Staying away from poor quality ingredients when it comes to Hair advancement solution is vitally important simply because the human hair is rather sensitive to nasty chemicals and certain of solutions contain harmful things that might possibly get a new well being of your person if perhaps care is not… Read More

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some things need to be bandaged and healed, others just need to bleed. Read More
This article is an exposure to bronchitis to its depths Read More
This article tells us all we need tio know abouut gastro. Esophegeal reflux disease. Its symptoms and all we need to know so read and be educated Read More
This book describes the signs and symptoms of mental disorders. It attempts to show treatment options, self help techniques. Read More
This is a book about mental disorders. It includes signs, symptoms and treatment options. There are some self help topics and coping skills. Read More
A story about a young man who learns a racial slur. Read More
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