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A traveler, backpacker who wishes to share his travelling stories with world Read More

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September 16, 2018

Ja’Nae and Kelin are on a journey to find a mystery flower - the only thing that can save Ja’Nae’s sick daughter - through the Tresed, an untraveled and dangerous desert. A lonely hunter - born to the Tresed and talked into helping them - acts as their guide… Read More

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The CLOG House

A place of worship ... or a place of dread? This amusing micro-epic tells of a terrifying journey no man would ever wish to make. Read More
Just a short tribute to a man who inspired me all my life. Read More
Star Trek TNG (Borg) Fan Fiction. The Borg investigate an enormous, mysterious ship. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kirk and Han Solo in a parallel universe are different people than what they are known as in our own. How different are they really? Read More
Just read... Read More

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Essay on the cult 1960's TV Show Star Trek! Read More
This is an ertoic Star Trek Fan Fiction Story that takes place before Deforest Kelley and James Dooohan dies in 2002. The story takes place on Star Base 10, where Star Fleet Academy is stationed and where students come to and have a good time Read More

Tags: fiction, erotic, sex, star, fan, trek

A script about human first starting out their journeys of exploring space. Based upon the legend, Gene Rodenberry's star trek. It's the first script I have ever written so any advice will be good. Anything bad you pick up will also be appreciated. Constructed criticism is good! :D Read, Rate,… Read More
My anger to the Trekkies after watching over 10 hours of crappy movies. Read More

Tags: anger, wars, trek, grr

Thousands of years before the dawn of human race on planet Earth, a super cosmic war raged in a region of the Orion spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy some couple of light years away from the solar system. The galactic event was discovered in Earth year AD 2060… Read More
It's starry all the way. Read More

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Descendant of legends. Warrior. Champion. Pariah. All these words at one time have been used to describe Tholin, the Calvorian general who chose to defect to the humans' side during the last years of the war between United Earth Force and the Calvorian Alliance. Now, a rift has occurred between… Read More
This is from a deliberately unpublished novel which is part of the prize giveaway at my movie review website, There are only 2 more days(today July 9th & tomorrow the 10th) to enter. Win prizes such as the chance to write your own movie review, along with copies of… Read More
Oh' halo laden orb, who rules the night, Read More
After more than 70 years of war between United Earth Force and the Calvorian Alliance, peace has been achieved. With shore leave being given out to the crews of UEF's Heavy Cruisers, Travis Rand--captain of the flagship Horizon--has returned home to Earth. But during a visit to an injured friend,… Read More
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