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The Booksie Classic House

Anyone who lays eyes on the little people of Tate's Hell will not live to tell about it.... Read More
Wonder what was hip in terms of women's fashion back in 2007? Wonder no more! Here I'll recall some of the clothing trends that were most seen back in that year of 2007-seen on the streets and in fashion magazines and catalogs. Read More
We were now at the middle of the decade. What did this mean for fashion tho? Here I'll recall some of the trends that I recall seeing in real life-on the streets, in school, in malls-and in magazines and movies. Do you remember these styles? Read More
What was hip in the middle of the 2000s? Had fashion evolved and somehow become it's own? Or were we still borrowing trends from the decades gone by? Here I'll analyze some trends that were common in the year 2005-as seen on the street, in high school and college, and… Read More
Do fashion styles change from year to year or do they retain some elements from the previous years? Here I'll recall some of the styles I recall seeing in the year 2004 (mainly women's styles seen in real life, in school, in magazines and catalogs of the time) Was fashion… Read More
Ever wonder what styles of clothing were popular in 2003? Believe it or not, every year brings a new style (especially when it comes to women's clothing). Fashion is ever evolving. Sometimes trends carry over from the previous year and sometimes get tweaked just a tad bit. Here I'll try… Read More
What was popular (in terms of clothing) in the year 2002? Did we finally leave behind the utilitarian look? Did another retro revival materialize? Read on to find out! Read More
Recall what was popular back in the year when the new century dawned upon us. Here I'll recall some of the fashion trends that were worn (mainly by teens in high school). Let's find out if the new decade (and century) brought us radical new styles-or did it simply revisit… Read More
What fashion trends were "in" in the last year of the 1990s? Here I'll explore some of the many fashion trends that I saw worn in real life and in fashion magazines and catalogs-as well as on television. Fashion was slowly evolving into something else not imagined back in 1990. Read More
What styles of clothing were popular in the year 1998? It was nearing the end of a decade and new styles were popping up. Here I'll explore some of the many fashion trends that I recall seeing in magazines and in real life-mainly in women's fashion. Read More
What trends were hot in the year 1997? Here I'll attempt to identify some of the many fashion trends that were popular in 1997-as well as fads that came out then (and perhaps have never been seen again). Read More
What was popular in the world of women's fashion back in the year 1996? It was a year filled with new trends far different from what we saw in the years 1990-1995. Read More
What fashion was popular in the year 1995? Here I'll explore several styles that came to be popular in this fateful year. Read More
This is a sort of memoir about the styles that I recall seeing back in the year 1994. Some of these trends were present in fashion magazines and catalogs back in 1994. By now fashion was changing-incorporating elements from the grunge scene that had come earlier. Read More
What fashion trends were popular in the year 1992? Here I'll recall some of the popular styles I myself saw worn by people in the year 1992. Some trends I recall seeing in various fashion magazines of the time-many of them teen magazines. Read More
Fashion in the 1990s was wide and varied and every year brought with it a new trend. Here are some trends that were popular in the year 1990 specifically, along with some other interesting bits such as what movies were popular that year, to add a little perspective. Read More
The trends that are popular amongst the masses are commonly termed as new fashion trends. These trends are the residual of the fashion geeks around the world. So, new trends in fashion are the result of needs of the industry and the creative minds. Read More

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When we remember our time within days where we started our life. If this investment which play another role may be diversified with stronger portfolios that time stands the test, there is a big journey we have to leave back in these times. Let our role shine where we are.… Read More
At turns heartbreaking and diabolically funny, Journey to Virginland is an avant-garde tour de force, delivered by a master storyteller. The protagonist, a loutish and uber-cerebral antihero known simply as Dog, takes on the challenge to navigate the perilous paradigm shifts of our age, determined to find his proper place… Read More
a poem about remebering your childhood and missing it Read More
This is my opinion on skank-skirts. It's not nice. Read More

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October 11, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Of Black and White feathers: This book is filled with short stories and a poem. About a spirit within a mansion. (The spirit in the mansion)Straying away from popular trends and becoming yourself.(Away from River) Two lovers coming from literally worlds that are so separate. (Dark Lovers) A women with… Read More
What are the leading genre trends at this time? Read More

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October 27, 2009

A little poem i came up with to announce my distaste for following the crowd, staying within a clique, and all those other activities that make one a zombie slave to society. Read More

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January 29, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

I'm giving you warning. Some may not want read. This is controversial, and let's just say I was not in the best of moods when I wrote this Read More

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January 18, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

sometimes people put on an act just so they can fit in or be popular. i think that's not the best way to go, really... Read More
paris hilton posh spice etal Read More
relating to how consciousness relates to our intent to create. how technology separtes us from our true purpose Read More
"Fashion var en viktig komponent i den franske okonomien 100 ar siden … verden sa til Paris for a angi mote," sier Brayshaw. "En av de viktigste tingene Paris eksportert var andsverk … den utrolig velstaende vil reise over hele verden for a fa sine klaer laget i Paris. Men… Read More
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