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After Dante comes back from an arduous fight with the King of Hell, he decides to go home and have a nice rest. Read More
Taking place seconds after the last episode's shocking conclusion, Greg and Eden find themselves mind boggled while Trish's deception continues to know no ends..... And Camden returns with a shocking reveleation of his own. Read More
3 months after the events from episode 10, Greg, Eden... and Trish all cope with eachother's existences in a partnership against the demon community. And Kyle helps Cody set up a dinner as a form of him coming out to Eden. The episode starts at a steady pace but eventually… Read More
Eden and Camden are missing but Greg and Trish at least have a clue where Eden resides. They follow their lead and both end up in a confrontation against Azaezal and Dawn that ends in betrayal. Read More
Picking up where episode 7 left off, Episode 9 finds Greg, Camden, and Eden consulting Trish who claims Dawn is back to her evil ways. While Eden learns of Cody's fatal car accident that leads to an extremely shocking ending for the episode Read More
The story focus' around Trish and her attempted retrieval of Dawn. This episodes starts on a high note and is a roller coaster ride all the way to the shocking end. Read More
Greg is struggling with confronting Eden because Camden is with her. It's been 5 years since they've so much as spoken to one another. Unless he cuts past his deep hatred toward his old friend, he won't meet Eden and stop his earlier premonition of her impending danger. Unbeknownst to… Read More
There's something mysterious about Eden. And in the next few episodes her role in the coming Rapture will be revealed. Read More
5 years after the events of Chosen. Greg is dealing with the loss of his old comrades Misty, Camden, and Steven. As the only survivor from the old series, he gives up on God's destiny for him and endulges in alcohol and sex. But after an unthinkable string of events,… Read More
After Matt and trish breaks up, Trish's world ends. Then Jonathan Andrews shows up. Trish has always now Jonathan but not like this. The next thing Trish knows, her and Jonathan are the "It" couple but there not even going out ad matt wants her back. Trish can't deciede if… Read More
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