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~Once upon a time there was a boy named Victoria. His life started one day in the fall, while the life of another ended. Against his will, he found himself part of a busy and exciting life, for he was born in the life of a circus performer.~ Join him… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a true story. Read it for details. Read More

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Ever since I joined the military in 1983 I have been having combat related dreams. After about two years of the same dream over and over again, I decided to start writing it down formally. This is what I have from over the years. It is still in progress and… Read More
The Death Of Two Soldiers is a two part series that is set to be released on booksie over the period of late 2010, part the two set series will be sold on amazon from november 2010 allowing people who buy it to get an early preview of part two… Read More
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