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As vibrant as the colors of the markets, memories of the tropics keep flashing through my mind. I can see the brighter than real scenes. I dance again at Carnivalle. I feel the rhythmic warm waves wash over my back. With these rushes of my senses comes the faces of… Read More
An intrepid young woman is rowing the Pacific, when 'the best laid plans' become . . .well, changed. Read More
It lives in the hole where the moon used to be. And for most of the worst part of the northern winter, over the last two decades, so have we. The real South Pacific was not a Bali Hai musical, but a drama of cannibals and castaways, headhunters and slavers,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

GIFTS OF SNOWFLAKES. SYNOPSIS OF THE NOVEL A sweeping tale of love, happiness, misfortune, and renewal that stretches from the spectacular mountains of the Southwest to the war-torn coast of Vietnam, and finally to New England. As a lonely teenager Gary meets Kristina Preston, the most stunning girl he has… Read More

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July 28, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

Rain fall...we all know it (I am sure), but I happened to meditate on its rythm and flow and got rock music and disco.check it out Read More

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I am writing a collection of short stories based around trips through India over the years. i want to feature the dreamlike state that the great subcontinent can induce. I guess it's a form of magic realism - as much as an uptight Anglo-Saxon can conjure up. This story is… Read More
The Malbyra were banished when their leaders were killed. Now, they have captured one of the few remaining original champions, forcing him to lead them to battle against the nations while they search for the Stones of Abethkara to bring their leaders back from the dead. New champions have been… Read More
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