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Sometimes wise words are encouragement, other time it is just a form of pity, I guess? Read More
She may never truly comprehend me, her own daughter, but this is my heart spoken aloud. Read More
This is a true story based on my own life. It's about how my imagination got the best of me, and what crazy things happened that you would never believe. Please enjoy. Read More
Why I see An Angel In You? Read More Listen while reading. Read More
Directionless after a split with a young man. Read More
Mistake are the things we do that we feel are wrong but it is not. we should always learn from our mistakes. Read More
This is my experience go bAck when i was elementary.. I dont know that there is a teacher like her.. Im very embArassed that time in the frönt of my classmates and to her co-teachers n0t just once but for many times.. Read More

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January 17, 2012

Jessie Marks is a beautiful cheerleader who thought now Katie Williams would stop bullying her and still is bullied by the captain of the cheer-leading squad Katie Williams. Soon Jessie couldn't take it anymore and uses the family evil charm to stop the bullying but Jessie thinks that nothing bad… Read More
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