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November 02, 2015

What happens when friends become strangers Read More
Most of the names have been changed to protect the identity of these people. This story involves friendship, love, and death. Read More
Raising awareness for the most common type of OCD, the ignorance of society and how it affects the sufferer. Read More
I am holding a contest for short stories/ essays/ articles inspired by real life. Read for more details and enter!! Read More
Truth is stranger than fiction! This is an essay I wrote about a real friend of mine, and a real relationship she started (and is still in) with a teacher who worked at our high school. Its not something I ever talk about, but this is an anonymous website so… Read More
This is an essay thing I wrote last night because I had feelings that I just needed to get on paper, you know? I decided to post it, because I feel it is a decent piece, and there might be other people out there who can relate to this scenario.… Read More
The true story of Cinderella as told by me, Anastasia her doting sister. Read More
Stories about a 8 year friendship that recently ended. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I found many heart-tearing stories while on a mission trip in the mountains of Kentucky, and I found god in the strangest places. Never have I been to a place more inviting and beautiful. But behind all beauty is secret pain. PS- I apologize for not getting on in such… Read More
If you are Native or have native friends you might of heard about spirits. I have seen them myself, but never knew that what i saw was a spirit. My best friend is native, and she sees spirits all the time. One night when i was sleeping over at her… Read More
The laughs and cries of me and my friends through our 8th grade year!! Rumors hurt even when they're about you! Read More
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