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Trump only had judgelike power when he was actually president. Of course it hasn't completely sunk in that he isn't president. Having a cult in thrall to you doesn't give you the power to keep you out of legal jeopardy or even prison. Read More

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There are two words some use to describe Donald Trump: delusional and imbecile. Alone or together what they signify can be used and indeed has been used successfully to keep people either from being tried for a crime or on being convicted from being sent to a regular prison. Read More
It stands to reason that if there's anything would put Trump on the brink of having an actual episode of clinical paranoia, a real psychotic break from reality possibly requirinng hospitalization, given his existing psychopathology, it would be the legal jeopardy he is is. Read More

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Reading a Chauncey DeVega column in Salon prompted me to write this. Read More

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Not just Trump, but some of his associates may flip to avoid getting completelyskewered by the sharp sword of Lady Justice. Read More

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I was just thinking about the latest poll (above on Morning Joe) which shows Biden five points ahead of Trump in a national election and wondering who those who would vote for the later are and why they'd do this. I've broken them down into categories. Read More

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Trump didn't only steal American documents. He also stole antiquities on loan from Israel. Now they want them back. Here's a way to get them. Read More
Nixon's fate should represent a cautionary tale for Trump. There are certainly other historic leaders he should be thinking of to disabuse himself of his confidence thinking he is going to heroically make it through all of the attempts to bring him down. Napoleon is one of them. Read More
“Look at those hands. Are they small?” Trump asked the crowd, holding his mitts up. “And he referred to my hands—if they are small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there is no problem.” Read More
If you don't recognize this man just by his bald head you haven't been paying attention to the news. Read More

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Surreal as it is to rational people there are those who view Trump as a messianic figure. Read More

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Today the news is chock-a-block full of news about the efforts to rescue a group of wealthy morbid adventurers dying to see the tomb of 1,517 passengers and crew of the Titanic. Read More
My understanding of the law is that a defendant has to be able to understand the charges against him and participate in his own defense in order to stand trial. If this is true then it's possible Trump could be ordered into treatment until he is determined to be "sane… Read More

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If Trump was the snipe hunter in my village there's no doubt he'd be hunting me. Read More

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From members of the general public who zealously support him no matter what he's done or how outlandish his behavior is to members of Congress and Republicans running for president it seems as if they fall into one of two groups. Read More
I don’t think President Biden personally loves me. I don’t think he hates the people I hate because he’s a better person than I am. I think to the extent he hates, he hates what the people I hate believe and what they want the country to become. Read More

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One word in Heather "Digby" Parton's Salon column led me to write about how Trump's self-defeating behavior can be understood. Read More
Of course because I am one of the less acclaimed experts on Trump's psychopathology I was going to write about a Salon article which says what I've been writing about Trump since 2016: Read More
A GOP nomination race between Trump and Christie would certainly be entertaining. Read More

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Trump’s lawyers called District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution politically motivated and argued that the federal courts have so-called “protective jurisdiction” to prevent state hostility to a federal officer. This is a legal maneuver, but wait a New York minute, let's analyze this from an entirely different perspective. Read More

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The Washington Post Megan McArdle column "3 reasons we’re stuck with Trump and Biden" led me t reflect on ageism in America. Read More

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I wonder if Trump pays attention to the meager number of people who "like" his posts considering that 3,020 people is about 1/100,000th of the US population. Read More
My perspective as a therapist who helped women break free from abusive husbands on women condoning Trump's abuse Read More
Republishing an article I wrote in June 2020 titled "How I think the president may cope with losing." Read More
I am just as addicted to Donald J. Trump as most Americans -- but unlike some, not for the thrill of it, but for the revulsion and repugnance of it all. You see, I do believe in America. Read More
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