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The next collection of stories taking place in Everdream. More dragons, more demigods, more heroes and epic space battles. Stories here will be available to read forever for free, but some stories won't appear here and will only be available to patrons on Patreon.com or in the finished book, which… Read More
PG, for short references to gore, particularly in first section The Architect. I will try to keep it pleasant, I want to be comfortable reading it. If you disagree, let me know and I can adjust the rating. This is a short story collection from the Dragovant Relics universe. Dragons… Read More
This is a second part to my other short story called The Donut Eater. You don't need to read the first part to understand this. (I tried to add this as a second chapter after changing the first story's genre to novel, however it didn't seem to work.) Read More
Tucker rides a bus for the first time. His fears and prejudices come to light at the words and actions of his fellow passengers. A very short story (just over a thousand words). Contains strong language and adult imagery. I may continue this story! Read More
To Kim Tucker, solidly in the Asperger's section of the autism spectrum, the colors blue and green and gray are not just colors, but rather whole worlds of iridescent life. Likewise, to say that Under the Banana Moon is full of laughter and love and heartbreak is to only scratch… Read More
Please I'm new,here's the Prluge of the story I'm making.Sorry if it's short!I'll still continue it!And sorry for the spelling mistakes! X( Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Life at Vally Highschool was hard, and for Palmer, a slightly overweight girl with a beautiful face, nothing was harder. Always being picked on for her body type she just watches people fall in love around her, thinking that will never happen to her, so when popular jock Luke invites… Read More
Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms." Terse prose literature. Era of Ezra Pound and Scott F. Fitzgerald. A small bit from a story I'm writing. Comments would be appreciated. :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dawn Price is yet another little bit geeky girl-next-door who's in love with the boy-next-door - her best friend Tucker Davis. But her life becomes a living hell when she finds out Tucker is dating the most popular girl in school. Lakeview High School won't ever be the same, because… Read More
After losing their planet, a spaceship full of colonists attempt to make a new home on a beautiful planet, only to discover monsters hiding in the dark... Will they manage to beat the monsters back, and plant their flag on a place to call home... or will the monsters drive… Read More
A small planet is defended by two space stations and defense forces against a tyrant's forces in space. Two brothers on opposite sides of the conflict reunite. What happens between them could decide the outcome of the battle. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This script is originally called Senior Year. I had to change the name because it was already in use. This is about a kid named Tyler. He is a slacker in school and does not care about graduation. This all changes when he meet Miranda. Read More
Danny suspects his dad's new lab assistant to be a ghost. Read More
Danny suspects Tucker's new girlfriend, Alexis, the new girl at Casper High to be an evil fairy from the Ghost Zone. Read More
The world has known Danny's secret for three months and Danny's enjoying life, espically with Sam as his girlfriend. When Paulina discovers the two are dating, she wants to steal Danny from Sam and Sam starts to question their relationship. Read More
"Experiences are permanent changes on Earth. We all know Experience1 is God creating the Earth. But the rest are unknown. There are thirteen experiences in all. Now everybody, and I mean every single person on this planet will see the fourteenth Experience." It’s the year 2039, and all Peter Dawson… Read More
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