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September 20, 2013

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Between the end of the medieval ages and the start of the renaissance ages, takes place a unique story of courage, betrayal, love and the where one man must decide which is good, and which is evil!, the industrial revolution has just taken place bringing into the world a new… Read More
An emotional overview of the life of Anne Boleyn from her perspective. Read More
This story follows the life of a young second cousin to King Henry VIII. The story opens in September 1514 as Mary Holand is removed from the convent in which she has lived since she was ten. Mary is being sent to join the most glittering Court in Christendom: France. Read More
Young Anne Boleyn's life changed forever upon her arrival at the French court. She had come in 1514 the unwanted, awkward youngest child of a rising English family, and has returned to England in 1522, a darkly alluring young woman of great wit, spirit, and elegance. She is a temptation… Read More
Alt history. A story that changes lives, perspectives, what if the situation had turned out differently for Princess Mary and Duke Phillip of Bavaria? Read More
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