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The story of a park in National City Read More
Kira Cummings is hardly considered normal. She does drugs, has two actor parents, and one of her best friends, Sara, is psycho. Kira loves her boyfriend, Adam, and wants to spend her summer with all her friends and maybe her family, but when she goes to math tutoring, some of… Read More
I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the ways a tutor can initiate contact with the students. Things to come in this paper will be methods, techniques, acting ploys that the tutor can use to make themselves more available to the students. Read More
I will be talking about two simple ideas that can be used in the tutoring sessions to help both the tutor and the student/s. First, is to set side-by-side with the student, second is to leave the student under control of their own writing. Read More
. It’s my job as a tutor to figure out which way the intelligence can be soaked up, and to administer a complete saturation of the tutees mind. This mean I will utilize both techniques of tutoring the “hands-off,” and the “hands-on,” I like to call it “adaptive tutoring.” Read More
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