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Billy was a little boy, a little boy forced to spend most of his life in his room because of his illness. But somethings might not be what they seem... Feel free to copy and paste this story around the internet. Just make sure you give me credit. Read More

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April 05, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

A man makes the decision of his life with absolute confidence. But was it a mistake? Read More
Not What She Seems is about a distraught woman talking about her childhood. At first it is unknown who exactly she's telling her story to, but in the end it becomes clear of who, and what kind of situation is. It's my first short story with a twist ending that's… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A different kind of love story, and a different kind of tragedy. Not really related to the Shakespeare original. Read More
All Caleb wants is for his childhood best friend and crush to talk to him again, but circumstances are not what they seem. Read More
A new twist ending idea. came to me in a dream after reading some stephen king. Read More
A short story concerning the dryad, a duplicitous fey spirit that beguiles and charms others into ruin. Read More
Over the past few months there have been several disappearances in Marcus's town, and he and several others with the same suspicions think that they have traced them back to a business man, but things are not as they seem. Read More
We've all heard stories about "crazy people". And thank goodness that nothing like that could ever happen to anyone we know. Right? Wrong. Dive into the mind of a woman who will open the eyes of everyone on this matter. Life; as told by a lunatic. Read More
A unique pair of street urchins make fast friends when the chips are stacked against them. Read More
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