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Emily Phillips lives in a world where almost anything one does is a serious crime against the militarized government. On any ordinary day, Emily and her Husband are arrested...but no one knows what for. Read More
The ever confusing continuation of "Two of Disease". This is where it all ends. Read More
A young being named "Tal" recalls the events of losing his love and sanity Read More
A young being known as "Tal" recalls the events of losing his love. Read More
An eventually suicidal, narcissistic actress, loved by legions of fans and the world, leaves only a chilling reminder of how awful life can secretly be. Her suicide note only has three words, but those three words haunt young officer Arsyn DiCamina to insanity: Find Tyler Aslem. Read More

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Forgiving is easy, it’s forgetting that’s nearly impossible. Holly Lyons has never lived a normal life. If anything, she had been through hell and back. After her parents failed to be a part of her life, Holly was able to pick herself up from the childhood she was given and… Read More
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